Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

Full-Scope Branding Teams: Experts in Tech, Design, and Promotion!
Full-Scope Branding Teams: Experts in Tech, Design, and Promotion!

Lecture + Live

Lectures facilitate networking, trust-building. Pre & post-promotion via Microheadlines for 100-200 onsite & online attendees. Video replays for absentees.

Press conference

Boost Media Attention with Professional Press Conferences. Micro Headlines Organizes High-Profile Events for Accurate, Efficient Coverage.

Event photography

Micro Headlines specializes in business video production with in-house high-definition equipment, a full team, and a decade of industry experience.



Contact Us​​

If you contact us through email or phone, we will arrange a meeting or interview with you.

Initial Communication​

We will have a meeting about the issues you are currently facing. After confirming the key points of your inquiry, we will make a service plan for the problems you face.

Sign Contract​​

After confirming the specific service content, we will provide a service contract and sign it.

Project started​

If you approve the service plan and sign the contract, we will be ready to start the project in time.




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